Low & Medium Voltage Utility Cables

A modern society depends on a safe and reliable supply of electricity. Industries, service companies, health care, communications and households put higher and higher demands on the quality of electricity supply.

The cables used in the utility distribution network have a life expectancy of more than 50 years with undisturbed performance. The quality level of the utility cables must therefore be of the highest standard. Typical utility cables are underground low voltage cables rated from 1 kV up to medium voltages 12 to 36 kV.

Included are also cables used for control and maneuvering of the electrical system as well as covered overhead lines and ABC –cables (aerial cables).


Utility cables will be found from the building (industrial-, commercial-, official or residential) - to the last distribution point - to the last transformer LV/MV – to the MV distribution point – to the transformer MV/HV.