Wireless Technology and the Drive towards Ubiquitous Connectivity

Provided by CRU

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Thirst for Ubiquitous Wireless Connections Drives Telecom Demand

Wireless service has been the growth engine in telecom for the last 10-15 years, and has continued to surge as higher bandwidth mobile applications have proliferated. Over the last decade, the number of wireless subscribers, (tied to SIM cards), has grown exponentially, and the associated revenue opportunity also has increased. In contrast, growth in older technologies such as the number of TV households has grown in a linear fashion. Growth in wireless subscribers was the primary revenue driver in the first decade of this century, but revenues are being driven by increasingly larger volumes of data traffic. High-speed data and video content on 4G devices is pushing this demand even faster as subscribers’ expectations for constant, on-demand access to content is happening for both business and residential users.