Green initiatives and the Cable Industry

Provided by CRU

Sustainability Gaining Traction

Industry parlance uses the term “sustainable” to broadly describe “green” initiatives that are promulgated by industry organizations and adopted by a wide array of suppliers, manufacturers and end-users. Sustainable not only covers the measures being taken to protect the environment, but reflects the cost-saving measures implemented to improve margins and the on-going adherence to standards that deliver products that meet safety and performance requirements. In this article we look at what the cable industry is doing to improve its green credentials.


Much of the discussion around green cable specific product-developments in recent years relates to the use and marketing of halogen free, flame retardant (HFFR) compounds used in cable jacketing and insulation. Such cables are used in applications such as shipbuilding, enterprise, data centre and other applications, where cables are deployed in closed environments and where people work or live.


Although industry participants are actively developing greener products as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, the ability to deliver cost-neutral products at this early stage is low. Thus, R&D is one of many elements that fall under the umbrella of sustainability, and much of the effort and success of green initiatives to date relates to broader efforts to reduce costs throughout the value chain that will increase shareholder value.