Designs Speed Installation/Reduce Cost

Telcos have been aggressive in working with cable manufacturers to deliver innovative designs that will reduce installation time and expense. In the US Verizon developed its Passive Fibre Optic components (PFOC) Certification program. The program is intended to expedite product-to-market cycles for Verizon’s telecommunications equipment vendors and create more economical compliance testing processes for them.

Ruggedized Connectors

One example of this innovation is the ruggedized connector assembly developed by Corning Cable Systems (CCS), which is factory attached to one or both ends of the flat drop cable. CCS branded this product as the OptiTap™ connector. The hardened connectors use SC/APC (angle polished connector) technology based on standard SC connector technology. The rugged SC shell contains an SC style inner connector as the basis for coupling inside the connector thus conforming to industry standards. The connectors can be seen in the coiled drop cable as well as in-situ termination at the fibre distribution terminal located at the utility pole, and in the ONT (optical network terminal) in the subscriber’s home.