DSL Main Technology Currently

Development of broadband in Taiwan is similar in many respects to South Korea, except that the Korean government was more pro-active at an earlier stage, so Taiwan has lagged behind the pace of development in Korean by two or three years.  At the end of March 2005 there were 3.7 million broadband subscribers in Taiwan.  Most of these used DSL connections (3.3 million), with most of the rest using cable modems.  There are some FTTx connections in Taiwan but the number is small (20,000).


FTTH Plans for Taiwan

In 2003 the Taiwanese government proposed a Broadband Development Project involving deployment of FTTH and Wireless LANs.  The plan is to develop FTTH much more extensively over the next five years, achieving 4.2 million users by 2010 (and 4.7 million WLAN users).

As part of this plan the government is constructing public broadband duct networks, which will then be leased to telecom operators.


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