ICF News - July 2005


ICF Congress 19 to 23 October 2005 in Tokyo


This year’s Congress will be held at the Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Chinzan-So located in an exclusive residential neighborhood, on the perimeter of Tokyo’s main business districts and a perfect retreat within this busy city. Invitations have been sent to all members and we would like to ask you to support our work by registering before 23 July 2005.  more ...




A Strong Growth in Export Volumes


The total value of wire & cable exports from China in 2004 was US$3.7 billion.  There has been strong growth in the value of cable exports, averaging 24% per year.  The average growth rate of export volume is nearly as high, 20% per year. Exports of assemblies & harnesses have shown particularly strong growth. Harness exports from China are mainly to Japan and South Korea, but there are also significant exports to the US.

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High Value in Harness Exports


The highest value category in Chinese cable exports is wiring sets, HS 8544.30, with an average value of $8,700/t in 2004. The cable element is a relatively modest proportion of the value of the finished harness, as the total value includes other harness components and assembly costs.  The value of Chinese exports of harnesses more than trebled between 1999 and 2004.  Exports of wiring sets in code HS 8544.30 went up from $218m to $667m. 

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Cable Export Volume Grows


There has been substantial growth in the volume of Chinese exports of »plain cable« products, i.e. wire & cable without additions to transform it into assemblies or harnesses, though the average annual growth rate (18% over 1999 to 2004) has been slightly slower than that for assembly & harness products (21%).

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