ICF News - September 2004

EU Enlargement - The Role of the New and Candidate Member States in Europe's Cable Industry


From May 1st 2004, the European Union grew to encompass 10 new states, the »EU-15« being expanded to the »EU-25«. The new entrants – Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia – together have swelled the EU population by 20% and its land area by 23%. This article takes a look at the role of the New Members States of the European Union as well as the role of some candidate countries which are expected to join the European Union in the coming years. (The European Council has already agreed that Bulgaria and Romania should join the EU in 2007, a decision of the European Council as to whether or not to start formal accession negotiations with Turkey is scheduled for December 2004).


Europe´s Enlarged Cable Industry

The integration of the accession countries with the rest of the EU through trade is very evident in wire and cable. Official trade statistics show that total exports of the accession countries of wire and cable, including wire harnesses, stood at 3.47 billion in 2003, 12% up on the previous year, despite the poor performance of the main markets of Western Europe. ... more  


  Wire and Cable Trade of the New and Applicant EU Countries  


Expanding EU Borders Still Further

It is clear that the new EU entrants are already well integrated within the wire and cable industry of Europe. With lower labour costs and prospects for more rapid market growth than the rest of Europe, their role as a production base for the region's wire and cable, and wire harnesses, is set to grow further. ... more


  EU Entrant Cable Trade by Source and Destination in 2003

The Benefits of Accession  While the accession and candidate countries will greatly expand the size of the European Union in terms of land area and population, the impact on wealth will be much less. ... more


  EU Entrant Cable Trade by Product Type in 2003


The New Member and Candidate States 

Here is a brief profile of the economy of each of the main accession and candidate countries. ... more


A Few International Comparisons

With its recent expansion, the enlarged European Union (EU-25) achieves a total GDP slightly higher than that of the United States, based on 2003 figures. ... more


  Economic Ratios for the New Europe


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