ICF News - March 2004

Residential Structured Wiring

by Metalica Ltd., Enhanced Information Wiring


The Smart House, Digital Home, Intelligent House, Automated Home, Home Network and SOHO (Small Office / Home Office) are some of the terms being used to describe the developing market of improved residential information wiring which will be of growing interest to cable makers. In this article we look at this evolving market and its potential implications for cable makers with special reference to Western Europe. For those interested in more detail we also give an overview of available technologies in the ICF News Tech Section ... more



The Types of Structured Wiring on Offer


There is considerable diversity in the types of structured wiring systems being offered in Western Europe. Most are reasonably sophisticated starform cabling system. Simpler apartment block premise networks similar to those prevalent in parts of Asia are evident in Sweden ... more



Actual Company News ... more