ICF Congress 2022 - San Francisco, USA

The 2022 ICF Congress had been held in San Francisco from 4 – 7 October 2022.

Welcome & Opening

Mr. Pascal Portevin,President ICF


Sunshine from the West

David Hochschild, Chair, California Energy Commission


Fundamental research to unlock the doors of future technologies
Kazuhiro Gomi, President & CEO, NTT Research Inc.


Real Innovation: The Innovation Genome Project

Bill O'Connor, Founding Partner, AOi:agents of Innovation


The near future

Phil McKinney, CEO, CableLabs


Climate change in innovative resilience planning

Nathan Bengtsson, Senior Manager Climate Resilience, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)


Cable demand remains healthy despite looming recession risks, will the industry be insulated from the next economic downturn?

Aisling Hubert, Editor Wire and Cable Market, CRU


Sustainable Copper for the Clean Energy Transition

Anthony Lea, President, ICA


Advancing towards a sustainable future

Bart Verheule, Global Commercial Director Energy, Borealis


ICF General Assembly

Dr. Volker Wendt, Secretary-General, ICF


Strategic Considerations Emerging from the Inflation Reduction Act for the Energy Sector

Jason Finkelstein, Associate Partner, McKinsey & Company


How Electrification will Drive Undergrounding: A North American Perspective

Ben Lanz, Chairman of the Board, Power Delivery Intelligence Initiative


New laws and Old flaws: Opportunities and Obstacles for Cable Technology in the U.S.

Christina Hayes, Vice President, Americans for a Clean Energy Grid


Future of Metals

Michael Widmer, Head of Metals Research, Bank of America Merrill Lynch


Opportunities in the Giga-Bit Era

Jan Bongaerts, Senior Vice President, YOFC


Energy systems of the future, innovation and global sustainability

Dr. Yi Cui, Director, Stanford Energy Institute