ICF Congresses - Archive

ICF Congress 2022 - San Francisco, USA

Sunshine from the West
Fundamental research to unlock the doors of future technologies
Real Innovation: The Innovation Genome Project
The near future
Climate change in innovative resilience planning
Cable demand remains healthy despite looming recession risks, will the industry be insulated from the next economic downturn?
Sustainable Copper for the Clean Energy Transition
Advancing towards a sustainable future
Strategic Considerations Emerging from the Inflation Reduction Act for the Energy Sector
How Electrification will Drive Undergrounding: A North American Perspective
New laws and Old flaws: Opportunities and Obstacles for Cable Technology in the U.S.
Future of Metals
Opportunities in the Giga-Bit Era
Energy systems of the future, innovation and global sustainability


Congress 2021 - Virtual Congress

Congress 2020 - Virtual Congress

US Election: The new presidency and the future of multilateralism

The role of electrification and cables in the future sustainable energy systems

COVID-19: Implications of a pandemic on cable markets globally

MENAP macro outlook – Implications of lower oil prices and COVID


Congress 2019 - Cancún

Global and Regional Outlook

Oil And Gas Industry In Latam

Automotive Industry Development In Mexico In The Last Years And Opportunities Going Forward

Global Financial Update

Copper Market

Renewables, The Path To Follow

5G – Wireless Evolution Enabling Industry 4.0

Regional Analysis: The Wire And Cable Industry Of Latin America

Exponential Technology: Innovation And Disruption On The Road Ahead

World FTTx Markets: Focus On LATAM FTTH Panorama

The Copper Industry’s Role In The Clean Energy Transition And Other Sustainable Development Challenges

Impact Of Megatrends For Cable Industry

"Two Relevant Game Changes” – For The Cable Industry In The Region: Renewable Energy Shift, Fiber-To-The-Home

The Digital Revolution



Congress 2018 - Muscat

Global and Regional Outlook

Duqm The New Industrial & Logistic Hub Of Oman

Middle East Projects Market: Main Drivers, Opportunities & Challenges In 2018 & Beyond

The Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia’s Transformation: Realizing Vision 2030’

AWCA Power’s Prospects And Outlook For Power Generation In The Region

"Simplexity” Drives The Next Wave Of Innovation @ The Intersection Of Disruptive Technologies

Trade War: Who Wins And Who Loses

Capturing The Opportunities From Belt And Road Initiative

Iran, Opportunities And Challenges

Regional Analysis: The Middle East Wire And Cable Industry

CEO Perspectives


Congress 2017 - Barcelona

Navigating the New Normal: Profits and Populism

Capital Goods and Cable Sectors: The Investment Bank Perspective

Europe’s Gigabit Society: A Vision for Investment

Europacable: How to bring Value to the Industry

Military Spending and Cable Market

Sustainability and Energy Transition: Opportunities & Challenges for Copper in the 21st Century

Regional Analysis: European Cable Markets

Constancy to Purpose

Integrated Energy Point of View

CEO Perspectives

Regional Analysis


Congress 2016 - Hong Kong

Regional Economic Overview Southeast Asia and China

Regional Opportunities

Trends in Materials and Technology that will impact Wire and Cable


CEO Perspectives

Regional Analysis


Congress 2015 - Washington D.C.

Items of General Interest

Industry Reports

Power Management" & "Communication Management

External Views - Customer Perspective & Supplier Perspective

Internal Views

Regional Analysis


Congress 2014 - Amsterdam

Customer Views - Energy

Customer Views - Telecom

Internal & External Industry Views

Regional Analysis


Congress 2013 - Singapore

Near to Industry

The Region

Telecom and Energy Perspectives

Regional Analysis


Congress 2012 - Rio de Janeiro

Brazilian Perspectives

Electrification & Sustainability in Brazil

Global Perspectives

Successful Brazilian Industries

Regional Analysis


Congress 2011 - New Delhi

Indian Perspectives

Business in India - The Insider Perspective
Industry Trends

Industry and Global Trends
Regional Analysis


Congress 2010 - Cape Town

South Africa – Achievements and Opportunities

Progress through Politics - Views on Social Political Dev. of the Country
Environmental Perspectives
Regional Analysis


Congress 2009 - Moscow

Russian Perspectives

Partnership Perspectives
Environmental Perspectives
Value Added Perspectives


Congress 2008 - Dubai

Middle East Perspectives

Strategic Initiatives

Customer Perspectives


Congress 2007 - Rome

Metals in Wire & Cable

FTTX Deployments worldwide

Megatrends in society - impact for Wire & Cable

Strategies for a more financially attractive Wire & Cable industry


Congress 2006 - Chicago

Electricity Generation, Drivers & Trends

Power Networks, Drivers and Trends

Raw Materials, Update and Outlook

Wires & Cables in Wireless

Regional Analysis


Congress 2005 - Tokyo

China´s Role in the Global Cable Industry

Regional Analysis

Dynamics of the OEM Markets

Telecommunications Developments

Residential Intelligence

Industry Outlook - Round Table


Congress 2004 - Prague

Enlargement of the EU - keynote speech

The Wire & Cable Industry in Central & Eastern Europe

Investment Opportunities in Power Networks

Opportunities for Cablemakers in the Oil & Gas Industry

Market & Technology in Broadband Access

Industry Outlook - Round Table


Congress 2003 - Vancouver

Regional Analysis - Wire and Cable Industry Americas

Wire and Cables in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) with Applications for Car and Road

Overhead vs. Underground - Update

North American Logistics and Distribution Models

Industry Outlook

Congress 2002 - Beijing

China, Reforms and Industry - Impacts and Actions


Environmental Issues

Three Gorges Projecte

Industry Outlook

Industry Structure and Business Models


Congress 2001 - Berlin​​​​​​​

Network Evolution - Energy

Strategic Materials

Network Evolution - Telecom

Regional Analysis Europe