Congress 2016 - Hong Kong

      Regional Economic Overview Southeast Asia and China

      Regional Opportunities

      Trends in Materials and Technology that will impact Wire and Cable


      CEO Perspectives

      Regional Analysis


  Congress 2015 - Washington D.C.

      Items of General Interest

      Industry Reports

      Power Management" & "Communication Management

      External Views - Customer Perspective & Supplier Perspective

      Internal Views

      Regional Analysis


  Congress 2014 - Amsterdam

      Customer Views - Energy

      Customer Views - Telecom

      Internal & External Industry Views

      Regional Analysis


  Congress 2013 - Singapore

      Near to Industry

      The Region

      Telecom and Energy Perspectives

      Regional Analysis


  Congress 2012 - Rio de Janeiro

      Brazilian Perspectives

      Electrification & Sustainability in Brazil

      Global Perspectives

      Successful Brazilian Industries

      Regional Analysis


  Congress 2011 - New Delhi

      Indian Perspectives

      Business in India - The Insider Perspective
      Industry Trends

      Industry and Global Trends
      Regional Analysis


  Congress 2010 - Cape Town

      South Africa – Achievements and Opportunities

      Progress through Politics - Views on Social Political Dev. of the Country
      Environmental Perspectives
      Regional Analysis


  Congress 2009 - Moscow

      Russian Perspectives

      Partnership Perspectives
      Environmental Perspectives
      Value Added Perspectives


  Congress 2008 - Dubai

      Middle East Perspectives

      Strategic Initiatives

      Customer Perspectives


  Congress 2007 - Rome

      Metals in Wire & Cable

      FTTX Deployments worldwide

      Megatrends in society - impact for Wire & Cable

      Strategies for a more financially attractive Wire & Cable industry


  Congress 2006 - Chicago

      Electricity Generation, Drivers & Trends

      Power Networks, Drivers and Trends

      Raw Materials, Update and Outlook

      Wires & Cables in Wireless

      Regional Analysis


  Congress 2005 - Tokyo

      China´s Role in the Global Cable Industry

      Regional Analysis

      Dynamics of the OEM Markets

      Telecommunications Developments

      Residential Intelligence

      Industry Outlook - Round Table


  Congress 2004 - Prague

      Enlargement of the EU - keynote speech

      The Wire & Cable Industry in Central & Eastern Europe

      Investment Opportunities in Power Networks

      Opportunities for Cablemakers in the Oil & Gas Industry

      Market & Technology in Broadband Access

      Industry Outlook - Round Table


  Congress 2003 - Vancouver

  Congress 2002 - Beijing


  Congress 2001 - Berlin​​​​​​​