Congress 2009 - Moscow

The 2009 Congress took place in Moscow from 6 to 19 October 2009.


The following topics were presented:


Welcome & Opening

Welcome & Opening by the ICF President

Mr. Gregory Kenny, ICF President



Russian & Current Global Geopolitical Concerns in Eastern Europe and beyond

Mr. Igor Ivanov, Former Foreign Minister of Russiat


Business Session I

Russian Perspectives


Prof. Grigory Svalov, VNIIKP, Russia

Megatrends in Energy - Russian Power Industry

Mr. V. Y. Sinyugin, Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation

Megacity Moscow

Mr. M. I. Balabanov, Moscow City Administration, Fuel and Energy Dept.

Information, Information Technologies and Society

Prof. Dr. A. S. Adzhemov, Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics

Cable Industry of the CIS Countries

Prof. Dr. I. B. Peshkov, Electrocable Association, Russia


Business Session II

Partnership Perspectives


Mr. David Garza, Viakable, Mexico

Managing Profitable Customer Relationship

Prof. Werner Reinartz, University of Cologne/INSEAD, Germany

Innovation and Smart Grids

Mr. Clark W. Gellings, Electric Power Research Institute, USA

The World Wide Web of Free Trade Agreements

Dr. Herminio Blanco, Soluciones Estrategicas, Mexico


Keynote II

Capital Markets Update and an Outsider's Perspective on the Wire & Cable Industry

Mr. Orlando Knauss, Credit Suisse Securities, USA


Business Session III

Environmental Perspectives


Mr. Bo Rasmusson, Ericsson, Sweden

Business Opportunities: Rework - Rewire

Mr. Carl Mossfeldt, Tällberg Foundation, Sweden

Business Environmental Impact

Prof. Gary Stevens, GnoSys UK Ltd. University of Surrey, UK

Green Procurement

Prof. Dr. Sven-Olof Ryding, The Swedish Environmental Management Council, Sweden


Business Session IV

Value Added Perspectives


Mr. Eric Develey, Silec/General Cable, France

Update on Metals - Copper and Aluminium

Mr. George Adcock, London Metal Exchange, UK

Value Proposition of Copper - Can Copper still Compete?

Mr. Ajit Advani, International Copper Association, USA

Value Proposition of Compounds - Trends in Asi

Mr. Timothy J. Laughlin, Dow Chemical, USA

Solar Value Proposition for the Cable Industry

Mr. Brian Baxter, General Electric, USA

Closing Remarks

Mr. Gregory Kenny, ICF President