Congress Rome - 2007

The Congress was held at the Hotel St. Regis, Rome, Italy from 2 to 6 October 2007


The following topics were presented:


Welcome & Opening

Welcome & Opening by the ICF President

Mr. Norio Okayama, Sumitomo, Japan


Metals in Wire & Cable


Mr. Peter Ford, Linkz Industries, China

Overview of the Global Metal Markets

Mr. Daniel Hynes, Merrill Lynch, UK

Copper Situation & Trends - Present & Future

Mr. Javier Targhetta, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold, USA

Aluminium - Present and Future

Mr. Mark Zaleski, Euro Alloys, UK

Recycling - Driving Forces & Resultant Responses

Dr. Michael Liesegang, Cablo Metall-Recycling, Germany


FTTx Deployments worldwide


Mr. Yosuke Yamazaki, Sumitomo Electric Europe, UK

Broadband Everywhere, Global Perspective FTTx Industries

Dr. Charilaos Christopoulos, Ericsson, Sweden

European FTTH: Progress Update

Mr. Tadgh Leonard, FTTH Council Europe, UK

FTTx in North America

Mr. David L. Foote, Hitachi Telecom, USA

Deployment and Return of Experience in Asia Pacific and Korea

Dr. Sang Hong Lee, KT, Korea


Megatrends in Society - Impact for Wire & Cable


Dr. Martina Lupberger, Draka, Netherlands

Megatrends in the 21st Century

Prof. Dr. Manfred Perlitz, University of Mannheim, Germany

Megacities and Urbanisation

Mr. Vigneswaran Sellakannu, EDB, Singapore

Energy & Mobility

Mr. George Weyerhaeuser, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, USA

Health Care, Evolution & Economic Impact

Mr. Peter F. Maddox, Christus Health Organization, USA


Strategies for a more Financially Attractive Wire & Cable industry


Mr. David Garza, Viakable, Mexico

Industry Trends and Impact on Profitability

Mr. Piero Galli, Bain & Company, Italy

Valuation and Industry Cycles in Wires & Cables

Mr. Patrick Steinemann, Goldman Sachs International, UK

Trends and Success Factors in the Wire & Cable Industry

Mr. Christopher Striedter, UBS Investment Bank, USA

Closing Remarks

Mr. Norio Okayama, ICF President