Congress 2006 - Chicago

The following topics were presented:


Welcome & Opening

Welcome & Opening by the ICF President

Mr. Norio Okayama, Sumitomo, Japan

Keynote Speech: America needs Energy

The Honorable John M. Shimkus, U.S. House of Representatives, IL-1


Electricity Generation, Drivers & Trends


Mr. Bo Rasmusson, Ericsson, Sweden

Global Drivers and Constraints

Mr. Alessandro Clerici, ABB & WEC, Italy

Evolution and Prospects of Fossil Fuel Electricity Generation

Mr. Hans-Joachim Meier, VGB POWER TECH, Germany

Evolution and Prospects of Nuclear Electricity Generation

Mr. William Fox, AREVA, USA

Evolution of Electricity Generation using Renewables

Mr. Angelo Invernizzi, CESI & CIGRE, Italy


Power Networks, Drivers and Trends


Dr. Pierre Kayoun, Nexans, France

1 Year after the Energy Bill

Mr. Edward Gray, NEMA, USA

1 Year before the European Liberalization

Mr. Per Hallberg, Vattenfall Distribution, Belgium

Challenges related to the Expansions of the Chinese T & D Networks

Mr. Shanlin Wen, NEMA Beijing Office, China

Evolution of the GCC Power Grid

Mr. Satish Sud, SNC-Lavalin, Canada


Raw Materials, Update and Outlook


Mr. Gregory Lampert, General Cable, USA

Review of Impact of Natural Gas & Oil Prices on Thermoplastics

Mr. Tim Laughlin, Dow Chemical, USA

Legislation Effect on Raw Materials

Mrs. Elly Burghout, GE Plastics, USA

Metal Exchange, a Playground for Speculators or a Market for Industry

Mr. Thierry Centner, Cumerio, Belgium

End Customer/Market Ramifications on Increasing Raw Materials

Mr. Giulio Berardesca, Anixter W&C, USA


Wires & Cables in Wireless


Mr. Jae-In Yoon, LS Cable, Korea

Wireless - Overview of Possibilities and Limitations

Mr. Johan Skoeld, Ericsson, Sweden