Congress 2005 - Tokyo

Four Seasons Hotel

Tokyo at Chinzan-so

19 - 23 October 2005

The following topics were presented:


Regional Analysis

Mr. Glynn Stainthorpe, CRU

Report Wire & Cable Industry of Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, China


China´s Role in the Global Cable Industry

Dr. Pierre Kayoun, Nexans France, Session Chairman

China´s Cable Industry

Mr. Fan Zai Yun, China Electrical Equipment Industry Assoc. & SECRI

World Copper Market and China´s Influence

Mr. Art Miele, Phelps Dodge

Fiber Production and Consumption in China

Dr. Xizhou Xu, Chinese Optical Fibre Assoc. & YOFC

LAN Cable Industry in China

Mr. Thomas Chaung, LTK Industries Ltd


Dynamics of the OEM Markets

Mr. Bo Rasmusson, Ericsson Sweden, Session Chairman

The Globalisation of the Japanese Cable Industry

Mr. H. Kobayashi, Metal Economics Research Institute, Japan

Sourcing Strategies

Mr. Michel Paglia, Valeo Group Asia

Challenges for Suppliers

Mr. Erik de Wit, EMEA (Tyco)

Drivers for Cost Effective Supply

Mr. Nick Sowden, Electrolux


Telecommunications Developments

Mr. Larrie Rose, Belden CDT, Session Chairman

Trends in Technology

Dr. Yoshiaki Miyajima, Sumitomo Yokohama

North American Approaches for the Triple Play

Mr. Richard Mack, KMI

BT 21st Century Network

Mr. Yung Kim, British Telecom


Residential Intelligence

Mr. Toru Nagasaka, Sumitomo Europe, Session Chairman

Developments in the Smart Home

Dr. Ir. Ad van Berlo, Smart Home

Home Network: First Step towards Ubiquitous Society

Dr. Paul Yonghwan Kim, LG Electronics, Inc.

Information Appliance Computing for a Better Life

IDr. Miwako Doi, Toshiba Corp.

Information Appliance Computing for a Better Life

IDr. Miwako Doi, Toshiba Corp.


ICF Council Members