Congress 2003 - Vancouver

The following topics were presented:


Regional Analysis - Wire and Cable Industry Americas

prepared by Metalica Ltd.


Wire and Cables in Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

With Applications for Car and Road

Introduction (page 01)

Mr. Ariën van Beinum, Draka, Netherlands

Intelligent Transportation Systems: An Overview (pages 02-13)

Mr. Neil Schuster, ITS America, USA

Wire and Cables in Intelligent Transport Systems (pages 14-48)

Mr. Bob McQueen, PBS&J, USA

Trends in Car Technology and Wire Harness (page 49-85)

Mr. Kazunori Sakai, Toyota, Japan

Automotive Cable: Past, Present & Future (pages 86-116)

Mr. C. David Wright, Delphi Packard, USA


Overhead vs. Underground - Update

Introduction (pages 117-118)

Mr. Aldo Bolza, Pirelli, Italy

Mr. Bo Rasmusson, Ericsson, Sweden

HV and EHV insulated Power Cables: Evolutions and Trends (pages 119-143)

Mr. Reinhard Schroth, CIGRE SC B1, Germany

Overhead Lines vs. Underground Systems Ecology and Politics (pages 144-168)

Mr. Per Christensen, NESA A/S, Denmark

Undergrounding HV and EHV – Presentation (pages 169-193)

Undergrounding HV and EHV – Presentation (pages 169-193)

Mr. Alec Campbell, Gorham & Partners, UK


North American Logistics and Distribution Models

Introduction (page 226)

Mr. Larrie Rose, Belden Europe, Netherlands

Mr. Marc Choussat, Nexans, France

Specialty Distribution – Evolutio (pages 227-239)

Mr. Robert Grubbs, Anixter Int., USA

US Electrical Distribution Industry Consolidation (pages 240-263)

Mr. Richard Worthy, Sonepar North America, USA

Channel Consolidation: Challenges, Considerations and Compromises (pages 264-297)

Prof. Robert Spekman, University of Virginia, USA


Industry Outlook

Round Table(pages 298-305)

Mr. Valerio Battista, Pirelli Cavi, Italy

Mr. Norio Okayama, Sumitomo Electric Ind., Japan

Mr. Andrew Stobart, OLEX, Australia

Mr. Yu-Lon Chiao, Walsin Lihwa, Taiwan

Mr. Larry Aiello, Corning Cable Systems, USA

Mr. C. Baker Cunningham, Belden, USA

Mr. Gérard Hauser, NEXANS, France