Congress 2002 - Beijing

The following topics were presented:


China, Reforms and Industry - Impacts and Actions

Introduction (page 01)

Prof. XUE Rongjiu, University of International Business and Economics, Beijing

Chinese Cable Industry – Today and Tomorrow (page 12-28)

Dr. GAO Qingguo, SECRI, China



Standardization – Opportunities and Risks for the Cable Industry (page 29-70)

Mr. Reimer STUBBE, Pirelli Germany

Standardization in China (page 71-79)

Prof. CHEN Kun, SECRI, China

Comment by (page 80-81)

Mr. XIA Yongnan, China National Committee for IEC/TC18

Q & A Standardization (page 82)


Environmental Issues

Introduction (page 83-89)

Mr. Bo RASMUSSON, Ericsson, Sweden

Risk Assessment and Handling Liabilities – Preserving Asset Value (page 90-126)


Green Cable – Reality or Myth? (page 127-178)

Dr. Elizabeth NESS, Pirelli, Italy


Three Gorges Projecte


Mr. XU Keda, Dept. of Technology & Equipment

State Council Three Gorges Project Construction Committee


Industry Outlook - Round Table

Industry Outlook - Round Table / President's Panel(page 195-208)

Dr. Noritaka Kurauchi, Sumitomo Electric Ind., Japan

Mr. Gérard Hauser, NEXANS, France

Mr. Valerio Battista, Pirelli Cavi, Italy

Mr. Jerzy Burdzy, TELE-FONIKA Kable, Poland

Prof. Izyaslav Peshkov, VNIIKP Russia

Mr. C. Baker Cunningham, Belden, USA

Mr. Derek Lawrence, Corning, USA

Mr. Denys Gounot, formerly OFS (Lucent), USA

Mr. Eddie Edwards, OFS, USA

Mr. Andrew Stobart, OLEX, Australia

Mr. Yu-Lon Chiao, Walsin Lihwa, Taiwan


Industry Structure and Business Models

Structural Change in the Wire and Cable industry (page 209-256)

Mr. John SEGAL, CRU International, UK

Comparative Business Models (page 257-281)

Prof. Graham SHARMAN, TU Eindhoven, Netherlands

The Steel Industry (page 282-322)

Mr. Wiebe DRAIJER, McKinsey, Netherlands

Managing Human Resources (page 323-347)

Mr. Nigel PURSE, Oxford Group, UK


Prof. Sharman, Q&A (page 348-357)


Closing Remarks

Closing Remarks (page 357)

Mr. Gérard Hauser, NEXANS, France, ICF Vice President - Future President