Congress 2001 - Berlin

The following topics were presented:


Network Evolution - Energy

The Evolution of Energy Networks (page 01-31)

Ing. Giancarlo Manzoni, Enginet srl, Italy

E.U. Energy Policy Security of Supply, Competition and Environment (page 32-47)

Dr. Knut Kübler, DG TREN, EU Commission, Belgium

Q&A (page 48-51)


Strategic Materials

Copper (page 52-78)

Mr. Arthur Miele, Phelps Dodge Corp., USA

Polymers for Wire and Cable (page 79-104)

Prof. Ulf Gedde, Royal Institute of Technology Stockholm

Q&A (page 105-106)

Industry Outlook - Round Table / President's Panel (page 107-120)

Dr. Noritaka Kurauchi, Sumitomo Electric Ind., Japan

Mr. Yu-Lon Chiao, Walsin Lihwa, Taiwan

Mr. Oscar Cristianci / Aldo Bolza, Pirelli Cavi, Italy

Mr. Baker Cunningham, Belden, USA.

Mr. Gérard Hauser, Nexans, France

Mr. Boleslaw Uryga, Elektrim Kable, Poland

Mr. Robert Venter, Aberdare Cables, South Africa


Network Evolution - Telecom

Demand and Network Structure (page 01-40)

Mr. Ove Alm, Skanova Networks AB, Sweden

Trends in Fiberoptic Communications (page 41-70)

Mr. Jan Conradi, Corning Inc., USA

Economics for Telcos (page 71-86)

Mr. Hans de Boer, Accenture, Netherlands

Q&A (page 87-88)


Regional Analysis Europe

Market Segmentation in Europe, Highlights (page 89-112)

Mr. Paul Dewison, Metalica, UK

Cable in European Perspective (page 113)

Mr. David Mendoza, Gobi International, UK