Regional Associations


Arab Cable Manufacturers Association

Arabcab has more than 50 members in 14 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, including Sudan.  The Association says that the combined cable production of its members was more than US$10 billion in 2012.  Arabcab dates back to 2004 and has its headquarters in Bahrain, near the Bahrain City Centre.  The association’s main focus is organizing the annual Arabcab conference, held in the fourth quarter, in different cities throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  The 2014 conference was held in Aswan, Egypt.



Asian Wire & Cable Industry Cooperation Alliance

In 2012, a group of Asian wire and cable industry associations from China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Vietnam established the AWCCA to promote communications among the different national associations and professional groups in Asia. The AWCCA’s objectives include:

  • share success stories and best practices for manufacturers within the region;
  • improve product standards and specifications;
  • exchange information on advanced technologies;
  • training activities and meetings with experts;
  • share investment information.

AWCCA’s charter members include APKABEL (Indonesia), ECWB-CEEIA (China), HECA (Vietnam), MCMA (Malaysia), and TEWCA (Taiwan).  The AWCCA provides a monthly “news clipping” service.



Europacable is the voice of all leading European wire and cable producers. Members include the largest cable makers in the world providing global technology leadership, as well as highly specialized small- and medium sized businesses from across Europe.

Europacable´s mission is to represent the wire and cable industry in relevant EU policy debates, notably the creation of the “EU Energy Union”, the “European Digital Single Market” as well as environmental issues. Furthermore, the Europacable objective is to be a trusted source of technical information on wire and cable products and to be actively engaged in relevant standardization processes. On July 15, 2015 Europacable launched the “Europacable Industry Charter”, expressing its members' commitment to the principles and objectives of developing ethical, sustainable and high-quality cables.
Europacable is a partner of CENELEC and is registered in the European Commission´s transparency register.

According to CRU, the total output of Europe’s wire and cable industry was 2.8 million conductor-tonnes in 2014, with a market value of US$31 billion.  Europacable is a partner of CENELEC, which is an electronic standards organization recognized by the European Commission.



Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association

The WCISA has 90 corporate members, which either have headquarters or subsidiaries in the US or Canada.  Its members are companies manufacturing machinery, dies, resins, yarns, lubricants, instruments, and other products used to make wire and cable.  A major function of the WCISA is to exhibit at events for its members, including participation in about 10 trade shows in 2015.  The WCISA also has a scholarship program.