Examples of Application-related Associations


International Council on Large Electric Systems

CIGRE was established in 1921 with the aim of promoting international cooperation on power systems. It is active in developing standards and publishing information to improve power system operation and efficiency. In recent years, it has been particularly active with programs to promote sustainable power technologies, international transmission projects, environmental practices, and high-voltage technologies. Research on new materials and designs for high-voltage cables is a major thrust of the R&D spending for many cable companies, and CIGRE is a key resource for publications and papers in this area.

CIGRE is based in Paris, and it organizes a biennial conference there, held in even-numbered years.  In recent years, this event has attracted 3,000 attendees and presented about 400 papers. In addition, CIGRE has sponsored additional symposia, colloquia, and annual meetings on specific topics and in various countries throughout the world. CIGRE has national committees in more than 60 countries. CIGRE members include individuals, companies, and other organizations involved in power system engineering. Thousands of people participate in its committees and working groups, organized into 16 topic areas, one of which is focused specifically on insulated cables, but others include cable-related topics. CIGRE furnishes a vast array of technical papers, proceedings, a bimonthly journal, and other information services.



FTTH Councils

Fiber-to-the-Home Councils – Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, MENA

The FTTH Councils are associations of companies involved in fibre-based access networks who have organized the councils to promote the use of fibre and to share information on topics such as network costs, best practices in network construction, and a wide range of related engineering and economic issue. The Americas council, organized in 2001, was the first, and in 2009, the LATAM chapter was formed within the Americas Council. The Europe council was established in 2004, and the Asia-Pacific council in 2005.  Each of the councils organizes an annual conference and exhibition, and these events have become an important venue for discussing issues with cable installation in access networks and new fibre and cable designs optimized for those applications. In addition, the FTTH Councils arrange various quarterly and local meetings for their corporate members.