The ICF Council

According to its Constitution, ICF is governed by the General Assembly, where the Full Members excercise their voting rights to approve the policy as determined by the ICF Council. Members of the ICF Council are elected by the General Assembly.



Mr. Hamid Rashid Al Zayani

Managing Director, Midal Cables Ltd., Bahrain


Vice Presidents: 

Mr. Arnaud Poupart-Lafarge
CEO, Nexans, France

Mr. Richard Stinson

CEO, Southwire Company, USA

Council Members:

Mr. Valerio Battista
Chief Executive Officer, Prysmian Group, Italy

Mr. Simon CUA

Managing Director, Linkz Industries Ltd., China

Mr. Keith Edmond

CEO, Aberdare Cables, South Africa
Mr. Michael McDonnell
President and CEO, General Cable, USA

Dr. Gennady Meshchanov

Director General, VNIIKP, Russia

Mr. Stephen Miller
Vice President and General Manager, Corning Inc., USA

Mr. Sergio Valdes
President, VIAKABLE S.A. de C.V.

Mr. Jae-In Yoon
President, LS Cable Ltd., South Korea



Secretary General and Executive Director:

Mr. Thomas Neesen